In order to gain its position in today’s market, a company must not only be known for its reliability & quality, but it must also diversify itself and be flexible towards the market trends and needs. After the late ‘80s, when TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A. decided to enter the world of electronic typography, a continuous equipment-upgrading program has taken place. Investing in state-of-the-art technology, TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A. has managed to create, and maintain a distinct advantage towards its competition.

During 1999–2000, brand-new printing systems (one 4-colour and two 2-colour HEIDELBERG) are installed. This new equipment dramatically increases the productivity allowing the company to increase flexibility.

Before the end of 2003, a great number of various additional equipment is added to the production line enhancing the output potential while decreasing production time. Two pioneer steps are made in the Pre-Press department: the installation of a HEIDELBERG Computer to Plate (CTP) System and, first in Greece, the brand new HEIDELBERG’s JETBASE production database system.

In 2004, the TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A installed – first in Greece – the PRINECT system (production workflow control system) in the pre-press sector.

In 2005, a cutting machine POLAR 115XT and a four color printing machine HEIDELBERG SM74 with water varnish unit and connection with network (PRINECT PREPRESS INTERFACE). In 2006, two new HEIDELBERG machines (folding with thread and a glue machine) were installed.

In 2007, one second collating and stitching machine in the post press sector was added.

In 2009, a printing machine HEIDELBERG SM74.5P and a laminating machine were installed.

In 2010, a four color printing machine SM 102.4P was added in press sector. A third collating and stitching machine TB SPRINT 303, a gold-hologram stamp system GAVOMIT and a dye cutting machine Johannisberg 104 also added in post press sector.

In 2011, becomes an entire update of hardware and softoware (HEIDELBERG PRINECT) in prepress sector.

In 2012, the first digital printing machine XEROX 550 was added.

In 2013, (March) CTP HEIDELBERG SUPRASETTER 105 SCL with online processor.

In 2014, a second CTP HEIDELBERG SUPRASETTER 105+SCL+Processor was added. The 2nd floor of the building was completed with the installation of the newspaper’s offices and studio.