Truth: the most valuable asset of TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A. is its people. Neither the modern buildings, nor the latest technological equipment are substitutes for the skills and the devotion of the people running them. Therefore, one of the company’s primary goals is to maintain its staff safe, satisfied and well trained.

Several training programs have been applied and more will be executed; a variety of topics (new equipment handling, technical maintenance, computer software, business & marketing etc) helps TYPOKYKLADIKI’s staff to obtain cutting-edge advantages, knowledge and skill enhancement.

The company continuously monitors the working environment so that it is safe for the people working in it. All safety measures are taken and the relevant equipment is checked often and replaced immediately when required. Furthermore, a Health & Safety Management System is under development.

The devotion of TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A.’s employees towards reliability and quality has been identified by the management team and is rewarded with a number of benefits (e.g. bonus schemes, cars & transportation, private insurance programs etc).