The brand “TYPOKYKLADIKI” was first created back in 1994 as a successor of JOSEPH VAKONDIOS & SON, a small, family printing company, which was founded in 1956. Changing the name was part of a large-scale company transformation, in order to receive the new era of computer-aided-printing and desktop publishing. The company relocated to a new, larger building and major investments are made in computer hardware & software, new printing & binding equipment, as well as training of the newly-added staff.

In the following years, TYPOKYKLADIKI, based on its excellent local reputation takes its first step towards the demanding & competitive market of Athens. In a very short time, the new clients can be sure that their new business partner – located on a Cycladic island – can guarantee reliability and quality. From now on nothing will be the same…

In 1998, the company changes to “TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A.” and an ambitious – yet realistic – strategic plan is formed, as the company needs to grow rapidly… The construction of a new plant (over 3,300 sq.m.) begins. In the middle of 1999 the first part is ready to shelter the production department. Meanwhile, new state-of-the-art equipment is ordered and installed. Staff-training programs are performed in order to keep the personnel – which has doubled by now – updated with technology, materials, new skills & market trends.

The clientele is enhanced: qualitatively & quantitatively. Now, more than 80% of the Cyclades-based companies choose TYPOKYKLADIKI S.A. for their printing needs. Furthermore, large-scale partnerships with significant firms are established, becoming a main provider for ALPHA GROUP, INTERAMERICAN GROUP, HELLENIC SEAWAYS, INTERTECH, ARGO PUBLICATIONS, SPRINT ADVERTISING.

In 2003, the construction of the plant is completed. All the company’s’ departments are relocated (including the local daily newspaper “KOINI GNOMI”, i.e. “PUBLIC OPINION”). A custom-made Quality Management System – based on the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard – has been installed and pioneering upgrades are made in equipment. A new era begins…


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